Our Terms of Use:

This site has been created to give you a platform and the chance to practice another or other languages by meeting native speakers of the language/s you want to practice.
This is the goal of this site and it should be the main reason to use it.

You certify that the details you provide during the sign up process are real and correspond to you. You will be able to edit them on 'My account', if you need to do so, once you confirm your registration.

We respect and protect your privacy within this site and won't make any use of its information or content with any purpose other than the necessary to make the site run correctly and properly.

We decline any responsability about the relationships developed among its members, but we won't accept any unrespectful behaviour or demonstration within the site if we get to notice it.

Members of this site must be 17 years old or over.

You can only open one account. No more are necessary since you can make as many contacts as you want and otherwise could be confusing to other members.

Distribution or reproduction of the website or part of it is forbidden.

Commercial messages are not authorised at all.

We reserve the right to delete an account of a member who doesn't follow these basic rules.

Unauthorized use of this site could lead to a claim for damages.

We ask you to use your first name when you sign up. You could use, instead, a name you usually use and which you are familiar with and that is related to the former, just if you consider it appropriate; but never a nickname or a term that is mot related to your real name.
In any case, we encourage you to use your real name, so that other members have a real idea about you (since not many personal details are asked).
Be aware that you could find members under the same name. If the same name is repeated or used for more than one member, a reference number (Ref.) will appear on their profile, so that they could be distinguised. Besides, their profiles will be, more than likely, different.

You can make as many contacts as you want. And you can practice as many languages as you want.

Once you have contacted with another member by sending or receiving a message, you will be able to "bookmark" their profile so that you have direct access to them from 'Contacts' link on 'My account'.

As you can see on your account once your registration has been confirmed, you can decide whether you want to keep receiving messages from someone or not.
If you decide to "block" someone's messages you won't be able to send any message to that person either. And be aware that the other person can do the same with their contacts.
You will be able to block someone's messages when you have received a message from them. If you answer that message you won't be able to block until you receive another message.

Once you have decided to use such tool you can unblock those accounts whenever you want.

You can exchange messages through this site, for as long as you want, and as often as you want.
And, of course, as the registration form suggests, you can keep in contact with the people you have met here outside this site as well. In fact, this is one of the ways we suggest to communicate with your partner in order to improve your language.

Once you complete the registration or Sign up form, you will be sent an email to the e-mail address you have provided.
Then, you will only have to click on the link we send within to confirm your registration. This confirmation is required for you to be able to log in.

Once you have confirmed your registration you will be able to edit any of your details in case you need to do so.
Your details will be displayed on your profile when someone visits it. Details as your password or the reasons why you use this site won't be shown to other members.

Regarding the "move up!" tool. We have created this tool to make it easier for you to find a partner. When you confirm your registration every registered member who is looking for someone who speaks your language and practices theirs, has access to your profile. The ones who have registerd most recently will appear first on the 'Search for a partner' list, because the list displays the members according to their registration date. If it has passed quite a long time since you registered and you are still interested in finding a partner, you may want your profile to appear on the top again so that someone could find you easily on the 'Search for a partner' list. A button is provided on 'My account' for this purpose.
You will be able to move your profile up on that list three days after you confirm your registration or after the last time you used such button.

In any case, you don't need to wait for someone to contact you. You can search for a contact on that list as well.

If for any reasons you would like your account to be deleted, you only need to send us an email to the following address: contact@sharinglanguage.com or contact us through the form on 'About us' link.

Likewise, if for any reason your account gets deleted, the messages you have sent will remain visible to the people they have been sent to for two months. After this period of time all the messages you have participated on will be deleted.

Messages more than 70 days old won't be shown.

You may need or find handy a little space to write anything related to the site. You can use our "notebook" link for this. Anything you write there will remain until you change it or erase it.

This website is at least supported on the latest versions of Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari and on IE7, IE8, IE9.

We reserve ourselves the right to apply some changes in the future on the website at any point.

Our aim on this site is to help you out with the language/s you are practicing. So, please, if you have any problems, or you want to send us a comment or suggestion, send us an email through 'About us' link or 'Contact us'. It will also help us improve the site.

Thank you for reading our Terms and Conditions.

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